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Why Appeal Your Assessment?...





...Because it is likely incorrect !! 

  • In March 2006 the Ontario Ombudsman released his report into complaints about many of the practices of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Chief among these were a lack of transparency in regard to both it's valuation methodology and the data on which property values are based and on it's disregard for adverse (to MPAC) decisions rendered by the Assessment Review Board (ARB).
  • In other words even if you overcame MPAC's reluctance to explain it's assessment and received an assessment reduction from the ARB there is every likelihood that you would have to appeal again in subsequent years for the same reduction.
  • Your Property Assessment for taxation in 2009 through 2012 is based on market value on January 1, 2008. Ask yourself if your property was worth as much in 2008 as MPAC says it was and ask yourself if it is still worth that much today. If the answer to either question is “NO”, ORBIS can help you.


Tax rates: 

Tax rates in Ontario for commercial and industrial properties range from 3% to 6% of the current market value of the property

Taxes can be as much as 30% to 50% of operating costs of commercial and industrial buildings


Review of taxes: 

Calculating your taxes used to be a simple matter of multiplying your assessment by a mill rate. Since the advent of "tax reform" in 1998 there are caps and claw-backs to be considered. The Municipal Act allows each municipality some discretion in how it calculates caps and claw-backs. Not every municipality has the capacity or expertise to calculate your bill correctly, particularly when there are changes to your assessment. ORBIS will check these calculations in order to minimize your taxes.

  • There are tax rebates available for reasons including vacancy, demolition and charitable rebates. ORBIS will identify these opportunities and make applications on your behalf.

There are tax minimization strategies available for property owners. For example, it is possible to organize your manufacturing and storage facilities so as to attract a lower tax rate on the storage areas. ORBIS can identify and advise regarding these opportunities.


Why choose ORBIS?

ORBIS has provided property management services including property tax services to it's clients since 1982.

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