Capital Improvements Drucken

constructionProperty Upgrades: Our Service Managers are well experienced in renovating and rehabbing commercial suites. When our clients decide to increase the value of their investment through renovations we are there to offer guidance and take direction to help our clients achieve the desired results. We can renovate entire suites, floors, mechanical systems, windows, doors, etc.

Property Renovations: We employ skilled construction managers who assist our Service Managers with large scale property improvements such as new construction, parking lot expansions, roof replacement, common area upgrades, energy management systems, general construction, etc. For every new project our managers conduct in depth research to determine the best materials and applications. These specifications are then consolidated in a Request for Proposal (RFP), which is given to a predetermined group of contractors of good repute. The contractor bids are then compared and compiled into one report, which is prepared for our clients. We will recommend to our clients which contractors are best suited for the job. Once the work has been awarded, our staff will monitor construction and provide clients with regular updates regarding progress. Our careful planning alleviates frustration and guarantees good results.